Thursday, March 4, 2010

Panic Pure_ RayGun_Vic

This picture is from way back in the mid 90's. It was one of my first pics for Ray Gun magazine. The image was for the Sound in Print section of the magazine. Artist's, illustrators, photographers were invited to contribute an image based on music they liked. I chose Panic Pure by Vic Chesnutt, I was ( am still ) a big fan of his music. If you like good song writing (that is a little odd, dark, and funny ) you will like Vic Chesnutt.

The song is from his second album, West of Rome, it's a great record...still one of my favorites.

My illustration isn't that good, I wrote the lyrics on the picture because they were better than any art I could make..

Vic Chesnutt died this past December.

The Cover lettering and scratchy hand written text inside the CD inspired me to do my own hand lettering on other projects...The American Illustration book, a CD cover for The Cowboy Junkies....and more.