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Bond Minicar

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Jim Roche

I first heard this on WFMU, it's pretty funny, and clever ( to me anyway) I thought it was a comedian, but I searched around on the WFMU blog and found this info.

In the 1970s, Jim Roche, a performance artist from the deep South, made his way into the New York artworld and began doing pieces in galleries where he'd go into a trance-like state and channel redneck characters from his home turf. The result was this 2 LP set, "Learning to Count," released in 1982 by a museum in Kansas. These are the most intense audio works ever put to vinyl: insane rants, heavily racist, sexist.

This one has some swearing on it, but nothing racist or sexist.
You can download all the tracks on the WFMU site.
This is the only one I have ever listened to. Considering the above info, I really don't need to listen to the others, but this one is funny and odd.

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